I have been working on a CLI program called mmp. The inspiration to create this program started this year.

I started using yarn for my personal page (link). I fell in love with how easy was to use, but when I came back to my job as a python backend engineer I remember the reality of the language.

We are missing so many things that javascript handlers like yarn and npm have. They don’t stop by installing the libraries globally on the system, you can install them locally on a project, and that's the default case because most of the…

Validate your models with code that is elegant and easy to maintain

On this example i will show how to validate faster and cleaner with orator bottle and Python, you could use flask or Django but in the example I’m using BottlePy.

When I started using Python for the backend of my projects, I landed into a problem that the phoenix framework for elixir and mongoose for nodeJS had solved a long time ago.

It’s a lot better to validate your request data for a new insert on the database from the model instead of the controller so I built a simple library that along orator creates and easy way to maintain…


Web developer trying to make a living out of it

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